Puffa is a steam locomotive who works on the dockside railway at Bigg City Port. Used for a variety of tasks within the port and at the docks and logging camp up river. He has a speaking role inUp River, an unnamed cameo in High Tide, and a non-speaking role in Munitions.

Other engines seen around Bigg City Port have the same whistle-sound and feature similar styling as Puffa.


Puffa is most frequently shown as a firm friend to the Star Fleet. However, he has not been mentioned by the Zero Fleet to be in their friendship. However, Zorran, Zebedee and Zak are heard persuading him to escape from the flames in the episode Munitions. Puffa speaks with a mix of a British Midlands and Cockney accent.

Alike many other characters throughout TUGS, he communicates with a megaphone, sticking out of his cab window. 

Basis Edit

Puffa is seemingly based on a BR 80 heavy-duty tank engine of German design, but modified with many American features including an American-style whistle, oil-burning headlight, diamond smokestack and a cowcatcher. He doesn't have front buffers. However, he has rear buffers to match the British rolling stock.

His other features however suggest he was modified from a Märklin model locomotive, which seems likely as Märklin supplied components for many of the model engines on TUGS' sister show, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Behind the sceensEdit

Puffa's model was built from a Märklin model locomotive which was modified with many American features. His model was Gauge One, which is the same gauge used for the models of the sister series; Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

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