Sally Seaplane
Sally Seaplane

Sally Seaplane is a plane that can land on both water and land, and is a friend of the Star Fleet who have the contract to provide her fuel.

Sally's technical definition is a 'Flying Boat' because her main source of buoyancy, like a ship, comes from her hull/fuselage with small floats on each wing to stablise her, unlike the other form of seaplane - the 'floatplane' which uses a normal aircraft fuselage with large floats slung underneath to support it on water. If we expand on this she can be termed an 'Amphibious Flying Boat' because she has fold-up landing gear on her fuselage, allowing her to land on runways as well as water.

Her home is the Seaplane Hangar which is right next to Delta Dinamo.


  • Sally's tail-number is S-ALLY, a fictional sequence that would not be assigned to a real plane - any civil aircraft registered in the United States has a tail-number beginning with the letter 'N'. Her basis, however, is actually a British design - namely the Saro A.19 "Cloud" seaplane. This creates a continuity error, because the "Clouds" first took flight in 1930, years after her first appearance in Sunshine, which takes place in the 1920's.

Voice ActorsEdit


  • It is currently unknown where Sally Seaplane's model is. However a spare model known as "Phoenix" was sold to The Star Tugs Trust from the original model-maker in September 2014, to go on display at the TUGS 25th Anniversary.


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