these are the voice actors on Salty's Lighthouse

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Rhys Huber as Salty
  • Kathleen Barr as Ocho and Aunt Chovie
  • Janyse Jaud as Sophie and Sadie
  • Andrea Libman as Claude 
  • Ian James Corlett as Ten Cents, Zeebee, Otis, Zip, Lord Stinker
  • Scott McNeil as Zoran, Zug, Boomer
  • Venus Terzo as Aurora, Lillie Lightship
  • Long John Baldry as Top Hat, Hercules, Stanely, Choch
  • Terry Klassen as Zak 
  • Gary Chalk as Bluenose 
  • Michael Donovan as Warrior, Steamer, Mighty Moe
  • Lenore Zan as Captian Star, Little Dicher
  • Frencher Tickner as Captian Zero, Izzy Gomez, Big bassil
  • Richard Newman as Mr Boffo, Mr Socko 
  • Brad Swalie as Boomer, Billy Shoepack, Grampus, Cappy
  • Kriby Morrow as Zoran and Zug

Galery Edit

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